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Most of us don’t consider the treatment of baby chicks when we purchase mayo. And we shouldn’t have to: we should be able trust companies when it comes to preventing cruelty to animals.

Best Foods and Hellmann’s use millions of eggs each year to create their products. Since only female chickens lay eggs, Best Foods and Hellmann’s don’t have any use for the male birds. Their solution is to treat these chicks like garbage: they’re either ground up alive, gassed, or suffocated in plastic bags.1

Nobody wants to see animals suffer, but some of the worst abuses occur where we least expect them. If we care about preventing cruelty to animals, we have to shine a spotlight on abuses that otherwise would be hidden. We’re calling on Best Foods and Hellmann’s to stop treating animals like they’re trash.

1. Halteman, M. "Varieties of Harm to Animals in Industrial Farming." Journal of Animal Ethics, 2011.


Why target Hellmann’s and Best Foods?

More than ever before, consumers are hungry for information about where their food comes from. At Farm Forward, it’s our mission to find solutions for the cruel and unsustainable practices of factory farming, and the destruction of countless baby birds is at the top of our list. Best Foods and Hellmann’s spend millions to convince consumers that they are wholesome, family brands, but the reality is that they treat animals in ways that our families won’t accept. We’re teaming up with consumers to ask Best Foods and Hellmann’s to use their vast resources to develop an alternative to treating baby birds like trash because, quite simply, they can.

What are the other options?

We should be able to trust the companies that produce our food to treat animals the way we would treat them ourselves. Whether it’s sexing birds before they hatch, switching to heritage breeds and raising male birds for meat, or eliminating eggs from their mayo entirely, all we’re asking Best Foods and Hellmann’s to do is stop treating animals like garbage.

How can I help?

Sign our petition and join us in taking a stand against the practice of killing millions of baby chicks shortly after they hatch. You can help end this cruel practice by signing our petition (below) and asking your friends and family to do the same. Then, share this website by posting it on Facebook and Twitter.

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There is a better way.

Dear Hellmann’s / Best Foods,

I was shocked to learn that, to produce your mayo, millions of baby chickens are destroyed. I can’t trust a brand that uses this cruel practice.

My request is simple: Please stop killing these baby birds. There has to be a better way.


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Unilever (parent company for Best Foods and Hellmann's) has promised to seek alternatives to killing male chicks for its products—a first for a global brand! Click here to learn more, or close this window to proceed to our old website.

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